About Us

What makes us Better Together?

Ever want to know why we built a logo that features two swans – one purple and one blue?  Blue is Justin’s Favorite Color and Purple is Julie’s. Swans like only a few other animals on the planet – mate for life. Once they pick a mate, that’s their one and only spouse. The taller swan in the logo represents Justin’s 6’9″ height and the circle represents the ring of marriage. #BetterTogether

Our Story

Justin and Julie Cohen met at a small Church in Albany NY back in 2004. We didn’t really like one another at first. We know – not like most fairy tales start, but it’s not where you start that matters, it’s how you finish. We learned how to be single first, and then how to appreciate one another’s gifts, talents, and personalities. We learned how to Love another person, and then suddenly we were in love with one another. #BetterTogether was born in an Elks Club in Saratoga on October 21, 2011.

Over the next 7 years we’d learn how to endure hardship. Health issues that included a brain surgery and two heart surgeries for Justin. The loss of Julie’s mom and dad to Cancer, and the pains that come of age. We’d find ourselves tested, stretched and pushed in ways we’d never thought were possible.

It wasn’t all bad though – together we found opportunities to serve the local community – reading books to children alongside an organization called Schenectady Inner City Ministry, serving meals at the Schenectady City Mission, sorting backpack supplies at the Schenectady City Mission Distribution Center, teaching the next generation how to deal with Bullying and much more through Youth for Christ. As our passion for people grew, so did our commitment to Christ and Christ’s Church at large.

Several years spent connecting and building community through the local Church resulted in relationships that dove deep into books from all walks of life. As we grew as leaders, mentors, friends with our community, we sowed seeds that sprouted deep roots beyond the zip codes we started in.  

In 2018 – our 18 year old son and step son embarked on his own Journey out into the Navy, pursuing his dream to become a doctor. What once was a bustling student’s room with all the trimmings a High Schooler needed was now an empty space in need of a remodel. We turned that bare room into an office, and started working towards launching our very own small business – Better Together Treasures, a book flipping service.

In 2019, in a small room in an apartment in Glenville NY, Better Together Treasures started taking donations in, cleaning and refurbishing books and putting our talents to work for our community. 

Better Together Treasures is built on several core values today:

1. We always donate the Best of our Donations and books back into our community. So often we see companies donating the last 2% or 5% into the world. The bible was clear when we tithe we give our FIrst Fruits, our first 10% back into the Church. So in our business we do the same, the First Fruits, the FIrst and Best 10% goes back into our community.  The shiny new books, the ones that need no cleaning, they are offered first to our partner organizations, the local churches, and anyone else who does great work in the local area.

2. We sell only what we can’t recycle in our local area. We sell it online, and what sells – the first 10% of those profits make it back into the local community. You might ask yourself – why?  Because in 7 years of marriage, we’ve been blessed over and over and over again. Blessings are not to be taken and not shared. We want to spread the blessing around to everyone we meet.  

3. We will always be honorable. If we ship a book and it doesn’t meet an expectation we’ve set, we’ll make it right. If we say we’ll be at your home or business to pick up books at 11:30am on a Monday, we’ll be there on time, you can count on us. Our word matters to us, and you should be able to trust us.