If you’re like us, you’ve got a lot of books in your home. Whether that’s an apartment in the city, or a ranch in the country, it can be a chore to find a place to put them all.

Here are some ideas on where you can store your collection when you’re short on space:

1. You can always go the classic route and store your books in a bookcase. Just don’t stack them lying flat – this can damage your bindings. Store them as you see them in a library or bookstore – end over end. Believe it or not – this is the safest way to store a book in your home.

2. Look for benches and tables with unused space underneath. You can reclaim critical space and showcase your collection by placing them in the gap most of these types of furniture leave under their bottoms.

3. On a staircase, use the gap created by banisters as bookends. They will do a great job holding your books up and you’ll reclaim lost space.

Now that you’re a “veteran” reader, it’s time to get serious about how you store your “collection”.  We’re here to help, follow these tips below to properly store your books:

1. Pay attention to the humidity in your space. Temperature and humidity can ruin a book, not just the binding, and the glue holding it together, but the pages will curl. If you’re in a high humidity part of the country, turn on the A/C and invest in a dehumidifier.

2. Watch out for pests and pets. Don’t keep your prized possessions in a place your dog that loves to chew on things, can get to it. Don’t store your collection in a space that you know has mice (like a garage or shed) without properly protecting it. Cotton Balls soaked in Mint can keep mice away. Don’t put them on your books, just near them – the smell will keep critters away.

3. Make sure you keep all food and moisture away from your books. This is the stuff horror stories are made of. Moisture can turn a prized collection into recycling. Food spills and attracts bugs. No one wants to open a book and find out a bug ate half of it.  

Finally, if you can’t store your books end on end, it’s ok to stack them – but you’re going to want to stack them in a way that keeps the largest books on the bottom and then smallest at the top. Don’t ever stack books edge down, gravity will ruin them.