We run into people all the time that want to know how we got into this book buying / selling / donating business. Often times it’s a 5 minute chat over coffee at Church on a Sunday, or running errands at the local Target when we bump into someone that asks “What’s new” that sparks the conversation about our book business.

The short of it?  We started out selling all kinds of stuff online, and the more we did the more we realized we didn’t really like the “hustle” it felt like, and for some reason the “Grind” of hunting book deals, cleaning up books other people felt compelled to write in or on, and the refreshing of those books into appreciative hands felt more “us”. 

We’ve found a balance between picking up books, cleaning them up for resale and releasing them back into the wild that really to this day gives us a giggle.  We are readers through and through, we’ve always been that way. Whether it was self-help motivational books for the wife, or photography books for me, we’ve always been plagued by stacks of books, in the house, the car, the office. We started thinking – with all this around us – there’s got to be a business in here someplace.

Low and behold there was.

We’ve grown a hobby into a side-hustle worthy of the ages. I’ve spent decades working on other people’s websites, while my wife has spent equivalent hours running other people’s offices. Together – we’re both better. We keep one another sane, knowing when to turn off the computer and veg out isn’t my strong suit. Julie knows when it’s time. I’ve watched my wife lug heavy boxes around to no end, and it’s I that put the first handcart in front of her. We balance one another out, perfectly.

Hence, Better Together Treasures was a perfect name for the business. 

Today, we process hundreds of books a week. We keep lists of who’s looking for what, and we keep our eyes open for those items when we’re out “hunting”. When we find something on a list, we let them know and give them the call on whether we pick it up or not. We enjoy making other people’s days. We buy what we think we can sell, and take donations on things we’re sure local organizations can benefit from. We don’t throw anything away. We don’t believe landfills are for books – not even broken ones. Every book can be restored, recycled, or re-purposed.

We sell on various online marketplaces, and our own website. And we love it. The grind, the long hours, the work it takes to make this work, is rewarding and satisfying on a level I don’t know how to put into this short blog. Other than to say, this has become our business, our future success story, and who can’t get behind that?

So when you buy a book or two from us, you’re investing in our story. You’re investing in your community, and you’re doing it through a couple of people who love books (almost as much as they love one another). I think I’ll keep this blog running for a while, so you can follow our wins, our misses, and our story as it grows.

Who knows – you might just end up Better Together too!